Boarding Teesside

Boarding Teesside

Boarding Teesside

Are you requiring a reliable window and door boarding service in Teesside? At Eston Glass we provide window and door boarding services with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction. Our experienced team will ensure your home or business is secure and protected before you are able to get your windows or doors reglazed or replaced.

It can be a stressful time if you have been a victim of a break-in, vandalism or an accident where your home’s structural features have been damaged. We’re here to help minimise the risk of any further issues. 

At Eston Glass, our team of experts will work with you to determine the best fit for your home, whether it’s on a long or short term basis. We use custom boards that are cut to the exact size of your individual property to ensure maximum security . As well as preventing any residual heat escaping. Even if you need boarding during a renovation, the boarding still allows for your building to be functional and accessible. 

Once we have completed the secure boarding of your windows and doors we will clear up any broken glass that is left to ensure the surrounding areas are clean and safe. Our team of professionals at Eston Glass will also measure up your properties features for a more efficient process whenever you are ready to reglaze or replace your windows and doors. 

Thanks to our 24 hour emergency call out boarding service we will be there for you exactly when you need us most. We are here to give you peace of mind that your property has been made secure by experts using durable materials to keep you safe and ensure any residual heat doesn’t escape. Our team is dedicated to making sure that your needs are met in a timely manner and with exceptional quality.

For more information about the window and door boarding we offer across Teesside, call us on 01642 453382.