Teleflex Installer

Teleflex Installer

Are you looking for a professional Teleflex installer? At Eston Glass we can install and advise you on the Teleflex Clearline manual window control systems. You’ll be able to easily open and close your window without needing to provide power to an electric actuator.

The cost effective solutions allow you to easily open high or heavy windows in a safe, secure way. We can fit your Teleflex window control in a convenient location for you to reach the rotating operating handle. All of our work is fully insured and guaranteed so you have peace of mind when it comes to your Teleflex installation.

Teleflex is suitable for commercial buildings and private premises as our operatives can install the windows controls system on nearly any type of window to make opening and closing windows easier for you. Thanks to the maximum openings of 250mm and 380mm, you will benefit from improved natural ventilation and sometimes even maximising the space in your room.

Teleflex works by a manual chain opener on the window, connected by conduit and a cable to an operating handle within reach. We always provide a high quality service thanks to our extensive experience and we can guarantee your Teleflex control system is manufactured to exacting standards.

You can blend your Teleflex opening solution in with the rest of your interior as there are multiple colour choices including white, black and grey. Available on single or multiple windows, it is a versatile option and the best low maintenance product on the market.

With our help, you’ll be able to get back on track without having to worry about the security of your property or finding a replacement service. So if you’re needing a reliable Teleflex installer to enhance your windows, contact us now on 01642 453382 for a free quotation.